6 Things We Need to Stop Saying and How they Contribute to Negative Diet Culture

I want to start this that when I use the term diet in this article I am regarding to the sincere term and that it’s what your diet is to you. You’re every day, not a fad, a cleanse, or a quick fix.

“Support yourself, the way you would support your friend”

I Have an Extra 300 Calories Today!

Let me put this into some context for you. If you have $1200.00 in your bank account, and you spend $900.00 on bills, grocery and a something new and nice what do you do with the remaining $300.00? Do you just go and spend it, to spend it? This doesn’t seem like a great financial strategy so why would you consider this a great strategy for your diet?

Takeaway: This continues to focus on a binge mentality which will be detrimental, eat what is good for you, and don’t count calories.

Humm - She’s Put on Some Weight

I never really heard this before I became a mother. And then it was everywhere, hearing people refer to about someone and the weight they either lost, or gained. Honestly, it isn’t any of my business, or anyone else if someone has gained weight or not. The last thing I want for my daughter is to grow up worried that their aunt won’t recognize her accomplishments, but only if she's gained some weight during our next holiday.

Takeaway: This starts at a young age, stop talking about others change in appearance even it’s something the are wearing, to the pounds they have gained, or their most recent hair cut. Because the truth it, it doesn’t affect you, but it will affect those tiny human ears.

“Have You Been Losing Weight? You Look Amazing!”

Stop, just stop. This is insinuating that this person is only looking amazing because they dropped a few pounds. Looking your best has nothing to do with how much you weigh. Looking your best has everything to do with how you are fuelling yourself. The fuel we need does include healthy eating habits, but don’t forget your mental health, and environment and the incredible impact they have.

Takeaway: It’s simple, drop the first sentence and just go with “You Look Amazing!”

Cheat Days

Hearing the term cheat day makes me cringe. Life style is developed around being able to live in a sustainable way that works best for you. A cheat day is giving yourself a pass to not think. No other part of our life allows for cheat days, not in university, not at work, or raising children. If you want to eat a slice of pizza for lunch, get at it. Remember it doesn’t mean you can’t eat something healthy for dinner. Even worse asking a friend if they are having a cheat day, it alludes that what they are eating is bad, and extremely negative to them. It’s not your body, it’s not your choice.

Takeaway: Drop the term ‘cheat day’ from your vocabulary, it doesn’t do you or anyone else any good.

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

What works for your body type, and for the person in the change room next to you are different. Clothing doesn’t make you look like anything. How you feel in it is all that matters, and of course feeling great in your clothing make you feel great as well. We need to stop assuming that a baggy shirt makes you feel a certain way. It might make the person next to you feel fabulous, don’t take that away from them.

Takeaway: Feeling fabulous in clothing is about way more than the fit, design, or trend. It’s ok to not love a piece of clothing, but it isn’t the reason you feel a certain way about yourself.

I Need to Lose Ten Pounds

What will ten pounds get you? A new house, car, job? I’m not saying don’t set goals, and a number is a great place to start for most of us. It can create drive, and accountability, but if mixed with the wrong motivation is create depression, hurt feelings, and poor lifestyle habits. You will not be more successful because your ten pounds lighter. You will be more successful if you can set goals, and appreciate the journey of getting there.

Takeaway: In addition to your goal, write down three real things that can come with that. ‘ When I lose ten pounds, by eating right for my body I will lower the risk of heart disease, be able to play more with my child, and have more energy”

All in all, just take s second before you speak. You may not realize this saying these things can affect not only the people around you, but yourself too.

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