How to Eat Healthy While Camping


School is almost out and camping season is just around the corner. Having your daily routine with work and school tends to make it a bit easier to stay on track reaching goals, and living a new lifestyle. So, what can you do when you go camping with friends or family? Be Prepared. It seems simple, but having a plan makes turning down the marshmallows at the fire easy instead of intimidating.   

Time over Meals

Camping is more than what you are cooking on the campfire. It’s about being in nature with people you love. Focus on the quality time you get to spend with your kids screen free, focus on the conversation over morning coffee with a friend you don’t get to catch up with all the time. Strap on your runners and start your day with a hike. Focus on the experience, not what snack is next.  

Stay Busy

It’s easy to crave foods you know are not good for you when your bored. It happens to most of us at 3:00pm in the office. If you stay busy when you are away for the weekend it will not only fly by, but it will be fun. Every time you want something because your brain is playing a trick on you replace it with something new! Do 5 squats, start a game of tag, dip your toes into the water.

Portion Snacks and Meals

When you head to the deli to grab some of your favourite meat and it makes for a great snack or sandwich. Ask the employee at the counter to portion it out in 6 ounces, the perfect size for lunch! When choosing the meat find something that have limited ‘added flavours’. A lot of rubs and marinades are full of sugar and sodium so keep it simple.

Veggies for Days

Bringing a scale camping can feel tedious, but throwing all your hard work away from the week before is exhausting. Use your containers or bags from home and portion out the perfect mix of raw veggies to crunch away on. Being prepared like this will make it a lot easier to say no thanks to the chips, and yes please to the cucumber.  

Pro Tip: Have someone at the campsite be your accountability partner! If they see you reach for something you shouldn’t they get to squirt you with a water toy!

Crock Pot Meal

The night before you ready to head out, prep some chicken cabbage soup, or unstuffed cabbage rolls in your crock pot. Doing it the night before will let it cool off a bit, and easy for travel. You can bring it right in the crock pot and plug it in if your site has electricity or place it on the grate above a low fire, or a fire safe pot that can warm up! Looking for something else? Try spaghetti and meatballs! Cook the cabbage on the side, and pack it cold. The hot sauce will warm it right up.

Come Packing

Try one of our S’mores bars around the campfire, you can even warp it in tin foil and warm it up! If you know you can’t say no to treats, try our protein kettle chips, pretzels, or cookies to curb the need to cave.

We are excited for the summer, but we know that it can be a tricky time for anyone trying to make changes.  Stay on track, and most importantly don’t beat yourself up over a mix up, brush yourself off, and grab your bag of veggies and enjoy every minute of the summer ahead.