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What Food Is Actually Good For You?

What Food Is Actually Good For You?

There are a ton of new diets and systems that will work. But why don’t they keep working? From Paleo, Keto, Whole 30, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, they all will work to some extent. Ultimately eating real food, as close it came from nature will have a positive effect on you. But like our minds, we are all react differently, to different foods - even if they are a superfood.

As we consume different foods, our individual bodies will have a reaction to it. If your system doesn’t like carrots, it will automatically send off little signals to your body to protect itself. When your body goes into protection mode, your insulin levels start to spike. As it spikes it causes a slew of effects on our body that we may not have ever known where happening.

Kale is this weeks super food, and it’s a fantastic high nutrient leafy green, but if your system can’t process it, is it actually good for you?  


Respiratory issues are common, and happen very frequently when your body is reacting to a food poorly. Think about the morning after eating a massive holiday meal, you likely went to bed feeling tired and bloated and then, you wake up with a stuffy nose.  It’s not that you are getting sick, it is that your body is reacting to all the foods it wasn’t happy with the night before.

Another symptom that maybe your partner has pointed out before if your mood. We call it the roller coaster effect. You love them, hate them, then love them again in less then five minutes. Maybe you can’t focus, and you have crushed ten coffee’s and still can’t figure out why? We want you to stop, and think, did you eat something that isn’t right for you?

More obvious symptoms are ones that physically hurt us. Acid reflux, high blood pressure, joint pain, migraines, headaches, upset stomach, IBS are all signs that you are consuming some type of food that isn’t good for you.


There are the things that we know are not good for us, and apply to all of us. Things like sugar, and processed foods. But what about vegetables, or meats that maybe we had no idea were causing our bodies to react and throw our hormones out of whack? Kale is this weeks super food, and it’s a fantastic high nutrient leafy green, but if your system can’t process it, is it actually good for you?  

Recognizing the above symptoms after eating a food is the easiest way to learn what works for you. If you eat a kale salad, and your stomach automatically feels bloated and your gassy there is a good chance this superfood isn’t for you. But to make sure its the kale, and not the toppings wait 48 hours of feeling fantastic, and try that kale again. If you get bloated and gassy - it’s time to shelf it.

There a ton of positive ways to learn what your body is intolerant too. You can go to a naturopathic doctor, do an elimination diet, get blood test, use a program like 20/30 Fast Track, or do it yourself. However you chose to do it, just do it - because you won’t regret feeling fantastic, sleeping better, and have the energy you deserve.

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