What is the difference between 20/30 and a Keto Diet?


Is a high fat, medium protein, low carb diet. This is so your body will burn it's fat instead of carbohydrates. You count your macro carbs to track your consumption. Your body goes into a ketosis state, and your blood stream builds up of ketones, which gives low blood sugar so your body starts to eat the fat in search of energy. You are in a hyper sensitive state on the Keto diet, which is why it's effective, but strict. 


Is a low calorie high nutrient diet for the first 30 days. This is designed to stabilize you hormones levels, If you insulin and cortisol levels are unbalance it will make you estrogen dominant. When your body is like this, it's in a stressful state and you won't be able to lose weight. We will continue to introduce foods during those 30 days to test your bodies reaction, since you will be in a high sensitive state because of ketosis you will recognize your triggers and start to relearn how to eat for you. 


Can I still do 20/30 if I am a vegeterian?

Of course! There are lots of way to get your protein in, and although the initial grocery list may seem limited to a vegetarian we will be able to make the adjustments to be sure that you are eating enough, and getting everything you need.


Where do I buy all my food?

Your favourite grocery store! 20/30 doesn't do prepackaged meals - the difference between a diet and a lifestyle is a lifestyle is sustainable. You can shop at any Superstore, Sobey's Metro you want - you just won't find yourself down the chip isle anymore. 


Will the weight stay off?

Any diet works. But 20/30 is a way to learn how to eat well for your body. You are not reliant on pills, or shakes. You use real food, which means yes you will keep it off if you continue to fuel your body the way it needs to be fueled. You will be able to recognize your triggers, and symptoms, and be able to navigate your way through any situation. So yes, you will. 

Why is there a deposit fee for the seminar?

We require fully refundable seat deposit of $25.00 per person at a seminar. We love all the interest but with limited spots available, product and coaching we want to assure that our clients are getting everything they deserve from us. When you chose to start the 20/30 Fast Track program, we can apply that $25.00 to the cost of program. If the program isn’t the right fit for you, we will fully refund the $25.00.