It is 100% grocery store food, and we use a grocery list. Which means you can mix and match those item's however you want. So we do not say Tuesday at lunch you need to eat chicken, with a salad. There is a lot of freedom in your day that way. We do that because the real goal is creating a forever lifestyle, which means you need to be happy with what you are doing, have freedom, and be able to integrate it however that looks for you. We will 100% help with meal idea's and our private groups have great idea's too, but ultimately it's your call.

With a family, or large groups to cook for there is often a concern about having to make two meals all the time, we find with the foods on our list it's actually really easy to do. For example if you are doing spaghetti you can still make the noodles for the family but you just need to do a small side of cabbage for you, and the sauce is great for everyone.

The big difference for 20/30 is the coaching, and life style. it's about making it work for the client, and creating a lifestyle. Which is why we do daily coaching, meetings, and continues education.

20/30 Fast Track

The Fast Track Program is specifically designed to balance your insulin levels, and let your cortisol levels come back down naturally as they should. It is a very structured first 30 days because we making some major adjustments in a short period of time. Frequently clients report blood pressure stabilizing, migraines gone, improved sleep, steady energy, clear skin, and its due to the balancing of hormones. When our cortisol comes down naturally it stops stealing from our progesterone which means the progesterone and estrogen can be balanced. As we stabilize our insulin levels to allow it to do it's job naturally you will eliminant symptoms like inflammation, high blood pressure, mood swings and more because it's not spiking and crashing all the time trying to manage the foods you are reacting too. The really cool thing is, not only are you naturally healing your own system, but when all that happens you lose weight safely!

Listen to Your Body:

Listen to your Body is an program where we start to reintroduce different foods. This is how we build your custom list, so you know what works for you, and what doesn’t. Fast Track needs to be completed before we move to this phase because we need your body to be firing correctly. This way we can really test and see what foods actually work for you and won't effect your hormones, weight loss, or health goals. It is however way more then just adding things back in, it's the coaching support, not only do our coaches know how to add things back in with scientific reason but they are still there for you.

For most of us this it's a mental and lifestyle thing to stay on track, keep going and make all those small changes that add up to one big change. Often times we see an increase of support needed around the summer months, holidays, and personal loses as they tend to be triggers for most of us. It's developing new habits, and routines with your coach to overcome those things so they no longer are 'things' that stand in the way.

If you are ready to learn more about 20/30 Fast Track and Listen to your Body be sure to register contact us today.