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Elaine has lost over 2.5 feet around her body, but most importantly has gained her health back. FYI she has still lost a few more pounds since then.



"I started 20/30 on March 28, 2019. I'm now starting the maintenance phase. I've lost 28 inches and 33.6 pounds.

That is mind blowing! I've lost 2 and a half feet!

I no longer have migraines, no knee or hip pain...I'm completely off medications for pain and migraines, my blood pressure is lower/ back in a very healthy range.

Before starting this program I thought I had to give up walking and hiking due to severe foot pain which could not be resolved with custom orthotics.

Now, I am walking and hiking for 1-2 hours at a time, 6 days a week with absolutely ZERO pain.
I have my energy and focus back....most importantly, I have ME back.

This is a life changing program. The coaches in Orangeville are so knowledgeable and supportive.....I can't thank Marjie and Kelan enough."

Joanne is incredible and hilarious. She has also changed her life by joining 20/30 Fast Track.



"One year ago today (June 26) I attended my first 20/30 information seminar. I was skeptical about trying another new thing, but knew that if I didn't try something I was headed for major health trouble. I was full of aches and pains, depressed, exhausted (emotionally and physically), discouraged, and obese.

I had seen the transformation photos of an amazing lady, Jennifer Beattie, and snooped around to see what Davies and Dunham and 20/30 were about.

My thoughts about signing up were that if I at least lost something close to 20lbs in 30 days it would be a start. After the seminar and learning that it was all just normal food from the grocery store, although doubtful that it would work for me, I signed up. The best decision I ever made.

When I look at where I was physically and mentally one short year ago and where I am today I can't help but be proud of myself.

I am on day #360 of the program 20/30 Fast track and LTYB. I have lost more than 110lbs. I don't know my inches lost, but my pant size has gone from 20 to 6/8.

I have surpassed every goal I have set for myself. I am no longer riddled with aches and pains, my blood pressure is good, I am exercising and energetic, and I just plain feel good.

I could not have done this well so far without this program and the people that I have met and had with me along the way. I am deeply grateful to Davies and Dunham Wellness, Jennifer Paddison Jory, Teri Selby, Carla Brown, Charene Hines Sutherland, Kelly Kobsar Beeching, and the many, many other people who have coached, inspired and encouraged me along the way.

I also have to mention my Chauvin Gym group who have helped to make exercise an enjoyable habit. And thank you to my many co-workers, friends and family who have supported me.

Mostly thanks to my awesome family for putting up with me, remembering to weigh my meat before cooking it, encouraging me, and loving me no matter what!

My advice to anyone thinking about this program..JUST DO IT!!

My advice to anyone in the program...NEVER SAY NEVER! SET GOALS! IT'S ALL WORTH IT!"


70+LB's IN 7 MONTHS.

"What is 20/30 Fast Track?

Well, to me, the best way to describe this program is Life Changing!
In December of 2018 I was looking for some kind of a change and stumbled upon 20/30 Fast Track Orangeville in my Facebook feed. I was depressed, heavier than I have ever been in my life, suffering from joint pain, multiple migraines a month, insomnia, IBS, hot flashes etc. I tried everything... weight watchers, yo-yo diets, cabbage soup diets, diet pills. You name it, I probably tried it. Nothing worked. So, I decided to at least commit to the info session. From there, I thought, why not make a commitment to myself for a change? After all it’s only 30 days. I’m so glad that I did!

I started this program on Jan 15, 2019 thinking that I would walk away in 30 days with a few tools that I could use in the future. I was not prepared for the transition that took place.

Within the first week, I was actually sleeping, my energy levels were increasing, I wasn’t snapping at my family, IBS symptoms were almost non-existent, and I gradually noticed that weeks were slipping by and I hadn’t experienced a single migraine. AND, I was eating real food picked up at our local grocery store, food that I could prepare for everyone in the family.

Added to this, the structure, that is part of this program, along with the amazing support and encouragement from my coach, the clinic and other participants, made it so much easier to keep on track.

The daily check in kept me accountable and attending the weekly meeting helped me to understand why this program was working as well as it was. I was excited to see what was next, how to use food as fuel and to listen to what my body has been trying to tell me for years.

I was no longer looking at this as a 30 day commitment to learn some new tools, it had become a way of life that was encouraging me to be the best that I could be. In the first 30 days the scale dropped 20lbs and 22.25 inches disappeared. Today, at day 156, I’ve lost 64.8lbs, 56.75 inches, and am still steadily working towards my goal. Never in my life did I think I would be able to do that! For every pound gone and inch that has melted away, I’ve started to regain another piece of my life. Just recently I had my annual check up with our family doctor. When we were going over my results, he said, whatever you’re doing, keep doing it! Blood pressure, thyroid and cholesterol were all nearly perfect.

I’m so happy that I decided to make this commitment to myself. And I can never thank Kelan, Marjie and 20/30 Orangeville enough for believing in, and teaching me, the basis of this lifestyle change! I can’t stop talking about this program and would encourage anyone that’s thinking about joining to give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!"

Tori Bird is 90 days in and has lost a total of 31.4lbs!



“I started 20/30 fast track because I needed to gain control my myself again. Also to create the healthy lifestyle I strived for and to be able to keep up with my busy 2 year old!

The first 4 days were hard for me fighting those cravings, as well as detoxing from sugar. After my body was detoxed I began to feel amazing! No more headaches, joint pain virtually gone, and I have not had this amount of energy in years! In 30 days I gained my life back. I gained the knowledge to last me a life time. I lost 14.5 inches in total and over 15 pounds!

Truly an amazing program with the best coaches!!"

Michelle Behm is on day 200 with a total of 65.5 lbs gone! and 54.75 inches lost! And most importantly off of her insulin!



"I started 20/30 September 17,2018…

I was very out of shape and my diabetes was out of control, taking 70 units of insulin and 11 different pills for my diabetes.

In my first 30 days I was completely off insulin and lost 27lbs.. after the first 30 days I added in some exercises and realized I loved spin class!!!

After 3 months I started going to the gym as well as spin class and realized I loved that too!

Today I am on day 200 and am down 65.6lbs plus 54.75 inches!!! My health has improved immensely with NO insulin and only 4 pills a day for my diabetes... this lifestyle change has been a huge life changer for me... the energy and mental well being is huge!

Thank you 20/30 for helping me change my life! I have signed up for another 6 months and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!!!

Thanks coach Kelly Kobsar Beeching and Carla Brown for your patience and motivation over the last 7 months!!!"

Sebastian started 20/30 Orangeville in September 2018, and is currently apart of Listen to Your Body. Fact: He works in camp, a week on a week off - anyone can do this.


41.2LB’S IN 30 DAYS

"At 36 years old, I had many blessings to be grateful for... Two healthy daughters, a beautiful wife,amazing friends, a good career… but something was off.

My weight had been slowly creeping up for years. I had put on over 60 pounds over 10 years. Vacation and family picture made me cringe.

I knew something had to be done, but after short stints in the gym and failed tries at watching what I ate, I wasn’t seeing results and kept making excuses for why I wasn’t successful in this area. Reality is that I had no idea what to do. My wife and I had been talking about taking control of our health for some time, but it would never materialize.

One day, I saw a picture of Kelan on Facebook and noticed some incredible weight loss. I didn’t know how he had lost it at the time, but remember wanting to ask HOW!!!

After visiting with Marjie and Kelan in person, in August, and getting a better understanding of how they had lost the weight, my wife and I whole-heartedly signed up for the September session of 20/30...

Trusting the “real life” evidence we saw first hand. Having tried so many other avenues for health and weight loss, and seeing minimal results, we were honestly sceptical of our ability to “stick to it”.

I started the Program at 236 pounds and completed the first 30 Days of the program with a total of 36 pounds lost… Never stepping into the gym once… Eating food from the grocery store.

It hasn’t been easy to avoid all the things that brought me to the point of change…but it has been very easy to follow this new lifestyle and way of fuelling my body and life. With the help of my coaches, I was able to pinpoint which food did or simply didn't work with my body.

At Day 41 I have now lost 41.2 pounds, my knee and shoulder pain has disappeared, no headaches, more energy, better attitude, more positive relationships with my family and regained pride in my physical appearance. Not done yet…looking forward to keeping this healthy, realistic and maintainable relationship with food and myself."

Sarah started 20/30 Orangeville in September 2018, and is currently apart of Listen to Your Body. Fact: This women is teacher, a mother, and pup mommy and still did this.


19.2LB’S IN 30 DAYS

"20/30 has changed my life.

Once upon a time I considered myself to be in good shape and at a good weight. Those days faded far away over the past 8 years. I knew it wasn’t right to get used to seeing my weight in the 180s,but I just settled because anything else my husband and I tried would show slow, minimal results. I would get discouraged and stop. We had a whole lot of talk about “getting healthy” again, but not a whole lot of consistent action to make the changes.

After we saw Marjie and Kelan’s results we knew what we needed to do. It was so inspirational to have people we knew as examples of change, not just some semi-celebrity endorsing a program!

If I’m being honest I was sceptical of my own success starting out, based on how other attempts had failed with other avenues. Let me tell you…it is so easy to follow and the immediate results are so motivating. You don’t want to quit, you want more!!

The support and guidance provided by the coaching is key. It keeps me accountable! And it is freaking amazing to check in with my wins, because they are genuinely pumped for me.

Along with the weight loss there have been so many other wins…way more energy, better attitude, more patience, mental clarity, better sleep, self-confidence, I am a better me, for me, and for my family.

Now for the numbers…I started September 2 at 183.2 pounds and am now at 161.2. My original goal is to hit 155, but after how easy it has been to follow and stick to I think I will shoot higher (meaning lower! Hehe).

My advice to anyone thinking about starting this life-changing journey…DO IT! You will love it and yourself."

Marjie has continued to keep the weight off and loved the program so much her and her family moved three provinces away to start a 20/30



“I had no interest in doing the program – but truthfully at the time, I didn’t have an interest in much. I was dealing with postpartum and depression, the tension was high at the house, and I had no idea what direction was up.

Kelan decided he was doing the program at Davies & Dunham Wellness so I tagged along.

I didn’t do it to lose weight, I didn’t think I had a problem – I just recently saw this picture of me taken five weeks before we started last November, and I honestly didn’t see myself that way.

I didn’t see my depression, and anxiety(which looking back I had for years) I blamed pregnancy for the poor skin, laziness, the list goes on. Beyond the difference I physically look in these pictures, I see a totally different person, I present myself differently and have more confidence in my choices and knowledge. It’s given me the courage to take the leap, start my own company, start consulting, and best of all bring the first 20/30 program to Ontario.

🍳I hate the term program - but the first 📅 30 days was just that - now it’s nothing more than my every day."

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